Gifts of Google

Newest Google Releases

I am glad to say that from this busy week of social media immersion, I learned something quite exciting!

I have been following the Elearning Heroes blog (and Twitter) as well as several excellent Twitter feeds:


@chronicle (in Higher Ed)

@eLearning Guild

From one of the Twitters, I stumbled up this article: Google EDU Releases Expeditions and ‘Cast for Education’ Apps, Introduces Quizzes to Google Forms

I was excited to learn that Google has launched amazing new free tools!

One is The Expeditions App: as the article states “the free Expeditions app on the Google Play store and over 200 virtual really Expeditions (from national parks to the U.S. Museum of National History) for students and teachers to choose from.”

Google is also beta-launching a free app that allows teachers and students to share their screen wirelessly.

The third exciting announcement is that Google Education has launched “quizzes” in Google Forms! Quizzes that Forms will auto grade, and instructors will be able to build a prescriptive result page!

Please read the news available at and tell me if I am mistaken because I still cannot  believe it.!  🙂



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