Elearning Stock Photos

Images say a million words and, for elearning, using graphics to help teaching a concept or simply illustrating concepts can add a lot of value to online instruction. If you agree with this, I think you are just like me: always looking for the perfect image for our online modules, websites, presentations, just to find out that good quality photos can be expensive, and even royalty free websites charge a fee either monthly or per picture. Let’s remember that a free resource is not always royalty free.

When checking my Twitter feeds today (yes, @eLearningFeeds amazes me once again), I saw this posting filled with (I mean, with 10) great resources when it comes to free photos to use in our elearning endeavors: 10 Top Sites for FREE Elearning Stock Photos (available at https://elearningindustry.com/top-10-sites-free-elearning-stock-photos).



2 thoughts on “Elearning Stock Photos

  1. Sophia says:

    I use a graphic whenever I can. I find pictures appealing and they draw me in before I get to the text. Thanks for the link to another source of pictures. I usually do a Google image search and use the more tools to find pictures I that are free to use or modify.

    p.s. It took me a while to figure out how to get to your blog content. I wonder if others are having a similar issue.


  2. Kahla V says:


    Finding and curating a large inventory of high resolution images which are not copyrighted is such a time consuming task. Thank you for sharing this resource with us! It doesn’t look like I’ve relied on any of these in the past either. Nice! I thought I would share a post with some additional options (and a bit of overlap as well.) I have been relying on the Flickr Commons Project a lot for images recently.


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