My Reflection on Produsage

I was really trying to understand the difference between producers and produsers. Then, as I completed the readings, I started to trace a timeline for the World Wide Web.

In the beginning of the World Wide Web, there was information and products for us to use. We were plainly users or consumers.

Soon, certain products, software and environments allowed us to become producers, and we could produce our own content (i.e. website) and share with the world.


I knew that today we should be considered produsers. But I needed to make sure I mastered its definition.

According to Bruns (2007), users are no longer readers, audiences, users or mere consumers – they have the ability to producers of content.

I also researched a bit, and I stumbled upon . It was reassuring to find the definition and key principles of produsage on this collaborative site:

  • Open participation, communal evaluation
  • Fluid heterarchy, Ad Hoc Meritocracy
  • Unfinished artefacts, continuing process
  • Common properties, individual rewards

I found good and clarifying information in this website, which, by the way, evolves around the book: “Blogs, Wikipedia, Second Life and Beyond” written by the one and only Alex Bruns.

Anyway, that is how I finally got the distinction:

Today, no matter where we go in the WWW, our role is not that defined anymore. In other words, even if we think we are playing the role of a user or consumer, such as when shopping at Amazon, we are still building useful tools/data for other customers through what we bought, our requests, consumer reviews… Not to mention we can become sellers at Amazon and build our own reputation and rewards in real profits.

This is a fascinating new world that some may take it for granted.

One thought on “My Reflection on Produsage

  1. vdennen says:

    I used to assign that book in this course — but students complained that it was too long and too academic. I actually disagree, but then I switched to Clay Shirky’s Here Comes Everybody (so fun!) and eventually Networked.

    And you’re producing right here, right now. Nothing about this medium is passive.


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