Am I too old for SnapChat?

Well, I am 46. Most likely I am.

It certainly took a while to get things working (make memory/space on my cell, install it, sign up for an account verify phone, email…). Then, the real challenge came along: the pet challenge. Well, I guess my has an even shorter attention span than SnapChat users, as she could not look at the camera for enough seconds. So, there was not enough time for the system to “recognize” her face and apply the funny filters. With this restless puppy, I ended up simply taking the picture and applying a “location” filter after the fact.

I confess I had fun! I was laughing with my distorted face pictures, white mouse face, etc. But 10 seconds, seriously?

I had a hard time thinking of instructional uses for SnapChat. Maybe I would start my online class with a introduce yourself game in SnapChat, I would not go further than that.

I understand that is where young people are, but how about using YouTube and/or Periscope instead?

I think we could meet halfway…

What do you think?


One thought on “SnapChat

  1. refstathion says:

    I teach a sophomore level writing course at FSU, and these are some of the ways I use Snapchat for educational purposes. I use Snapchat as an example of a communication tool that I think helps students think about networks and communities in their own life. I like to talk about the different modes Snapchat enables the user to use in order to get their message across, and how limited or unlimited the audience of the message can be. Snapchat has also evolved since it began, and it’s interesting to think about the ways in which Snapchat is a kind of hybrid genre of a lot of different communicative modes. Ultimately, I think it helps my students see that when they use Snapchat they’re making communicative or composing choices, just like they do when they submit papers. That’s my two cents 🙂


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