Regarding curation, the first time I heard this term was in 2013, when I signed for a MOOC on “Social Media for Active Learning” created and delivered by whom? The one and only Vanessa Vennen, our instructor.


Anyway, I am familiar with I have an old account there with some bookmarks. But something is going on… I can still login and see my bookmarks. But there is a message at their front page:


From reading articles I bump into via Twitter and other communities, I see there is so much available! So many tools, so little time.


For example, this article by Christopher Pappas, from eLearing Industry, showcases 10 tools recommended for Top 10 Free Educational Content Curation Tools.


They all seem very useful!

I personally would like to explore Pinterest some more and also Elearning Tags, which is new to me.

What are your favorite tools for curation?


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