Hands-on Community

As I had to observe a community in an active participatory role, I chose the Elearning Heroes Discussions.

The purpose of this community is to have elearning professionals who are using Articulate products share their techniques, strategies, skills, and resources.

While I cannot guarantee this community would be relevant to everyone, especially, if you do not use any Articulate authoring tools, I can say it has helped me tremendously with tangible resources that I can apply to my projects immediately.

So, I guess my message is try to find a community that will help you with resources and skills you can apply to your workplace. These communities usually focus on a very specific set of skills, but they will offer opportunities for you to have a more active participation role and even showcase your work and get feedback from colleagues.

Whether you work with SoftChalk or Adobe authoring tools, try to find a community that will help you enhance your technical skills and make that or those authoring tools you and your company have investing in amazing power tools.



3 thoughts on “Hands-on Community

  1. refstathion says:

    This is great! I’m glad you found an online community that helped you use new tools. I ask my students to use new tools, and we have a digital studio that helps students learn about software and tools, but I want them to explore the internet for these kinds of communities that can provide them with insider knowledge about how to use these tools!

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  2. Taehyeong Lim says:

    I just simply took a look at this site. I’ve used Articulate Storyline once, and actually I’ve used Adobe Captivate for 3 years in my work place. I don’t know which software is more used in e-learning practices. Any idea?

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