Lurking is not bad at all

I would like to share not only a resource, but also what I learned with the preparation process for our Community Paper assignment.

Before this process, for me, lurking had a bad connotation.However, from reading articles about online communities, communities of practice, and the definitions of lurking as well as through my experience these two last weeks, I realized that lurking is not a bad thing at all.

I signed up to @elearningfeeds via Twitter and learned that actually some groups are built with the purpose to RSS feed their members on the latest news in their industries. In this case: the elearning industry.

Elearning Feeds has been a great tool for me to keep informed of what is going on with elearning. I have been reading articles; some with a commercial intent, but many simply share great strategies and advice for elearning professionals.

As I was also learning how to use, or make good use of, Twitter. I realized that besides reading, I could click on like (the heart icon), and that would record that data under my profile history, so I can go back to those articles later if I wish.

I soon started retweeting those articles. And even though I have only 8 followers, it has been a good exercise as I grow in the social media world.

I truly recommend lurking in this type of “newsfeed” community. It is a very informative and enhancing experience.


3 thoughts on “Lurking is not bad at all

  1. refstathion says:

    I agree so much with your title! I realize that most of what I do on the internet is lurk! And lurking on twitter has been a great way for me to get to know the platform – retweeting and liking really help with that! It’s like the middle ground between being silent and crafting your own content

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