Which is better: ebooks or printed?

There is a lot of research and discussion about which is better: digital or printed books.

It depends on what criteria makes reading better…

In several perspectives are pros and cons for both media.

For example, some say they like the looks, feel, and the smell of books. They say it is easier on the eyes, and they take it more seriously. Some people take more time reading on paper than on digital format.

Others will say there is the convenience ebooks offer in terms of taking e-notes, searching for vocabulary or technical term at tips of our fingers.

This article discusses this very intriguing topic.


What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Which is better: ebooks or printed?

  1. Ashley P says:

    This question came up in one of my other classes, and I was actually surprised at how many people said they preferred paper books. It was something like 80% of those who answered. For me, it depends on the reason I’m reading and where I am reading. I actually use a lot of digital reading for my classes. For example, with this course, at the beginning of every week I use my iPad to access our course and add all of the articles for the week to my PDF reader app. Then, I have it anywhere, and I can also read at night if the rest of the house is dark! If I am reading a novel type of book, which I rarely have time for, I will sometimes get that book in paperback so I can take it on the beach or out on a friend’s boat and read without the risk of something happening to my iPad. So, overall, I would say I prefer digital to paperback because of convenience as well as the features that come with digital (highlighting, making notes, etc.). I am curious to see what others think. Great topic!

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  2. vdennen says:

    I prefer to do work reading on paper, but read novels on a Kindle.
    I will read PDFs on my laptop, but if I have a lot of reading to do or need to do a lot of annotation I will shift to a printout.

    These days I have to grade so many papers online that when I get longer documents (dissertations) that I have to mark up I print them out. Hate to waste paper like that, but my eyes …. They get tired. Then I make markings on the paper copy (letters to correspond with comments) and type up the comments in word. So digital becomes analog and back to digital.

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