Creativity in Mobile Learning

Creativity in Mobile Learning? What does that mean?

First of all, most of our students possess mobile devices (especially, smartphones). We should not ignore that. We know that students can download the LMS app and check announcements and grades. However, if the instructor acknowledges that every student has a smartphone in his/her hand, then, things could be different.

So, let’s take the discussion forum as an example. If I know that students have a smartphone or a tablet most likely at all times, why not offering them an option so that students can participate in the discussion boards from their mobile devices?

Here is an idea: lightbulb-1872373_640

Instead of asking students to write a post for the week topic and respond to their classmates, how about asking students to submit a video of them answering the discussion question, instead of writing? This can easily be done with YouTube, which has an app available for smartphones (or tablets). Students could easily answer questions by recording their videos from their cell phones and posting the URL or embed code into the discussion forum.

This idea brings novelty and more human interaction (more presence) to discussion forums, especially for online courses. In addition, students would be able to create content instead of simply checking information.


What do you think?

Luci Mello


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