Reflection: Presence in Online Learning

If we revisit the Community of Inquiry Framework by Dewey, to review the key factors for the success of a learning community, we will see that it is all about presence.


But, which is the most important: social presence, cognitive presence, or teaching presence?

Besides the cognitive presence, I would say the teaching presence is one of the most important.

According to Garrison, 2009, it may be useful to discuss the influence of teaching presence on the success of an online learning experience. The body of evidence is growing rapidly, attesting to the importance of teaching presence for successful online learning. The consensus is that teaching presence is a significant determinate of student satisfaction, perceived learning, and sense of community.

This article presents 6 tips to build a thriving online learning community.

3 thoughts on “Reflection: Presence in Online Learning

  1. Bruce says:

    I really like this Venn diagram. It is an interesting take. I really like that the “Teacher Presence” includes both structure and process. Setting up situations for students to learn can be really difficult!


  2. Dennis Ang says:

    Totally agree on the importance of “Teaching Presence”! When designing for an online community, one of the key considerations is to decide on how and when the teacher/instructor should be present in the online learning environment. The teacher cannot simply expect learning interactions to take place on its own without being “present” to facilitate discussions, provide feedback, or as a source of support to the learners in their learning process.

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